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Product introduction

Personal unsecured loans

Personal unsecured loans

loan amount:

more than 100,000 yuan, below 10 million
If you are in business or need to turn in the life Fund, emergency fund, you have a real estate or cars in Shanghai, collateral, lenders of the day, fast and cheap! (Property can also be set by banks)
loan amount:

more than 100,000, not Cap borrowing

1-6 months
loan requirements:

use your car as collateral. Borrower is not limited, irrespective of age, term of loan within six months, half a year is not enough to renew.
loan process:

assessment-loans (lenders of the day)
real estate information required for short-term borrowing:
1, motor vehicle registration, certificate.
2, the original owner of ID card, residence booklet.
3, the original marriage certificate (proof of married, original marriage certificate or divorce certificate).
4, purchase invoice and insurance policy.
5, loan vehicle delivery contract and bank loan repayment.