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Product introduction

Chongqing personal short-term borrowing

Chongqing personal short-term borrowing

personal short-term borrowing (short split) when you need a certain amount of money, for business or investment, and also in a short time, then the shorter roll is a

way to choose. Cumbersome way to handle without bank loans, provide real estate certificates or certificates will be required within 2 days

of funds! Also had his disadvantages, that is interest rates than the silver

line is much higher, after all, is an individual borrowing short, private funding!

processing conditions: ownership (public, private, corporate, real estate contracts can be), have a steady income, the couple were able to be present to confirm.

advantages: fast processing speed, maximum of 2 days. Lending conditions loose, high rate of approval!

disadvantages: high interest rates, is not suitable for long term loans (typically not more than 3 months)

required materials:

1, real estate certificates, ID, account, if you get married you must provide a marriage certificate and account of this spouse identity card

2, car proof, ID, account, purchase invoice, driving permits, vehicle and a key.