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White-collar companies applying for a personal unsecured loan conditions

white-collar workers tended to be stable groups identified as higher-income white-collar companies naturally want to apply for unsecured loans is relatively easy compared with the other groups of white-collar workers want to what do I need to apply for unsecured loan conditions are how to apply for it?

 , application conditions

  People's Republic of China nationality
  age between the age to age with full capacity for civil conduct
  their units which have worked for months to provide job can prove proof of income and payroll card list
  has a legal identity documents and a stable place to live in good
  personal credit

  II, required to prepare material

  and the spouse of a valid identity card
  certificate of marriage or unmarried certificates
  personal payment nearly three months of bank statements or other materials, such as
  for three consecutive months of utility bills and other

  third, the application process

  according to the relevant requirements to fill out information forwarded information and fill in the information required for a bank or lender
 -approval and then wait for the Bank or lending institution lending