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Loan companies credit business

   ① according to the different loans, loans can be divided into three proprietary loan, loans and specific loan. Which the seller loans funded banks as Trustees as specified in the client object, purpose, amount, term and interest rate conditions for the loan procedures, charges, does not assume the risk of loans. Specific loan was approved by the State Council and caused losses to loans may take appropriate remedial measures, oblige State-owned banks ' loans.

    II according to the different borrower credit, loans can be classified as credit loans, guaranteed loans (guaranteed loan, mortgage loan, mortgage loan), bill discounting and other species.

    according to different loan purposes, can be classified as working capital loans, fixed asset loans, industrial loans, agricultural loans, consumer loans and commercial loans, and so on. Regardless of the type of loans, in addition to the lender review, evaluation and a borrower credit good, do have the right to repay the loan, may not provide guarantees, other borrowers should provide security.