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Chongqing-loan company released four 12-day loan of 320 billion

  Bank lending practices rapidly in early this year to continue. Shanghai daily reporter was informed by the source, to 12th, four rows of new loans in January stocking up to 320 billion euros a year earlier. Market participants expect trillion-no problem in January this year industry-wide loan.

four new lending in the same period last year to 270 billion, deposit growth 550 billion, four major new release of the month is 370 billion, and earlier this month put on the fierce, month-end convergence phenomenon. January this year have copies last January pace of lending momentum, because the Bank "early release, early returns" mindset.
1 rapid loan is not limited to the big four banks earlier this month, a joint-stock bank branches to the head of the Department of public speaking to reporters yesterday, its lines this month have been run out earlier this month.
However, Bank lending will also face some constraints. In December last year, the big four banks had incurred excessive bank lending and window guidance of the Central Bank, followed by the big four banks had to hold down the new put on the scale.
for the current big four loans fast performance, market participants believe that is expected to have convergence at the end of the month, but in January this year industry-wide new trillion-big problem loans, in January last year industry-wide new loans reached 1.07 trillion.
loans increased rapidly at the same time, the four deposits per acre in early 12th, four bank deposit growth 550 billion. Last December, four major deposits rising by 1.2 trillion, and this growth mainly from the last few days of the month, deposit at the end and the beginning of the additional reduction between shows banks high input range Rover store turned up at the end of the intention.