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Chongqing rural commercial bank credit growth of small and micro enterprise

As an important financial support for local economic development, Chongqing rural commercial banks and deepening financial services to small and micro enterprises, small and micro businesses "short, small, frequent, urgent" funding requirements, as well as the current situation of lack of effective against collateral, tailored for different types of small and micro businesses a variety of "weak guarantees" the exclusive financial products.
with long operating life, taxes in full and on time, small and micro businesses, Chongqing rural commercial bank launch "tax credits" product---based on the good credit to small and micro enterprises, an important basis for the tax as a credit, not provided against collateral and third party guarantees. For industry chain Shang for core enterprise provides supporting service of small enterprise, launched has without mortgage guarantees of "orders loan" and "domestic invoice financing" two a products, "orders loan" main solution small micro-enterprise received core enterprise orders Hou of early funds shortage problem, effective improve undertake orders of capacity; "domestic invoice financing" help enterprise expanded credit scale, solution small enterprise for should accounts receivable paragraph accounted for ratio, and lines big and appeared of funds turnover difficult. At present, Chongqing rural commercial bank has issued loans of this nature to the number of small and micro enterprises in the city of nearly 12 million Yuan.
at the same time, Chongqing rural Commercial Bank launched first in 2014 with Hua an insurance joint innovation "insurance + credit"---small financial products "baojie credits" will be involved in credit insurance means links, not to guarantee, collateral is a pre-requisite to solve small and micro enterprises, small businesses financing problems such as lack of collateral, guarantees are receiving wide acclaim. Have been granted "baojie loan" over more than 90, more than 24 million Yuan.
it is reported that Chongqing rural commercial bank small business loan balance has exceeded 70 billion yuan, year 12 billion yuan, an increase higher than the average growth rate of 8 percent, small business customer number nearly 100,000, Chongqing's largest small business financing in local banks.
micro-communities to create communities of Chongqing financial convenience stores this year, Chongqing rural commercial bank increased and community service centres for the convenience of "Hye" cooperation, build community financial convenience stores, homes will be able to understand the area around the business message to the public.
reported that Chongqing rural commercial bank developed the "Jiang Yu micro-community" app platform, customers only need to focus on "Jiang Yu micro-community" micro-public service, patrons can learn about community property and the surrounding business information, such as marketing information, community bank branches, help customers convenience at home. Chongqing rural commercial bank also introduced Community financial integration service, where in the line the Community financial mesh point retail product purchase, electronic bank account and other business customers, have access to different lines of business, financial integration, the integral can be in Union business consumption or deducted from community property management fees.
as of now, the community banking network has reached 46, covering a large community and County domains residential area, serving more than 1.6 million residents.

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