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Main force generation P2P net lending platform

P2P net lending platform not only captures the hearts of young people, took their wallets.
recently, the net loan Sohu joint in the 2014 net credit investor survey results show that generation working class has become a main force P2P net credit investment platform. Highly favored working-class

P2P net credit platforms at 2,902 in the questionnaires, net loans percentage of investors in the 26~35sui age 45.59%, Bachelor degree or above accounted for the number of investment 57.27%, main force generation seems to have become net credit investment and generally has a good educational background.
in this regard, net lending industry researcher Zhang Yexia analysis: "generation after the overall financial is more freedom, more than ample, they compared with 80 years ago, is more familiar with the Internet, financing approaches more broadly. Therefore, the generation when compared to other age groups have a better financial management and network awareness, and net credit investment is more easily accepted as a new way to manage money. "
P2P online lending platform is working-class, and become a new tool for investment management.
"loan is one of the main features of P2P network-Lite, principal of the small can also participate, and banking in General compared to the threshold of 50,000 yuan, and net credit investment is more close to the people. "Zhang Yexia said," because of the P2P network characteristics of the loan to the Center and Pratt Whitney, making small investments possible. Not only to meet the market demand, it is also a necessary complement to the traditional financial system. "
it is understood that the P2P network credit is dominated by investment in grass-roots groups. As can be seen from the net loan investor's monthly income distribution, 49.55% investor's monthly income at 1000~5000 Yuan, 5000-Yuan monthly income total number accounted for 52.79%. In addition, the P2P network credit industry is younger and less proportion of senior investors is one of the notable features. Survey shows that Investor investment net lending experiences generally low, 3-6 months 28.77% of investment experience. But investors scale continued growth, credit investors within 3 months of the new network share 20.37%.
survey found that different geographical regions on the P2P platforms industry focus is different. The end of 2014, had over 1575 P2P platforms, mainly in the area of economic development or private lending activity. Data show that ranked 349 platform in Guangdong Province, followed by Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shandong. In terms of volume, 2014 years amounted to 84.644 billion yuan in Guangdong Province, investors accounted for more than 15.82%, are at the top. 12%~20%
investor preferences yields Platform
high yield was P2P platform's biggest selling points.
compared with the previous survey results, investors increasingly rational, no longer blind pursuit of high interest rate platform, 12%~20% yields platform by investors of all ages.
survey from platform yields at an annual level of investors 38.29% investors 12%~15% territory platform; 35.23% investors 15%~20% yield platforms; only 3.06% investors high interest rates 30% and above the platform.
for this phenomenon, Zhang Yexia believes that due to recent issues platform exposure increased, many low risk appetite of investors to shift funds to have higher security platform at lower yields.
in addition, the data show that 51.66% people have been spreading the funds to 2~5 online lending platform. But I still have 11.63% choose "put your eggs in one basket".
in Zhang Yexia opinion, while most network credit investors have been diversifying, but for the average investor, and don't have the time and energy, and also lacks the expertise to judge, each lending platform for P2P network wind control, operating mode, and weigh the risks and investment gains.
in different types of P2P platforms, investors more interested in mortgage-backed business platform.
24.08% of investors mortgage business; 21.9% of the investors towards car mortgage business; lending platform for integrated network also was welcomed by investors, accounted for 23.86%; 8.42% investor preference personal credit loans only.
"due to the construction of China's credit system is not perfect, coupled with the lack of current regulatory policy, P2P nets lend credibility to raise the slow credit debt investment confidence of investors, invested in mortgage debt. "Zhang Yexia said.
2014 the most important elements of investors year frequent platform, allows investors to "Rocky", funding safety net loan investor base.
survey showed that financial security a primary value factor when selecting online lending platform, up to 57.61% per cent; proportion of risk control based on 15.18% occupies the second place who choose the most important investors in high and low yields less than 5%.
at the same time, the platform safety judgment problem on investors varies. 19.39% investor concerns any guaranty, mortgage; 17.87% of investor concern about the platform of information transparency; risk experience 16.32% investor concern about platforms; 15.95% investor concern platform shareholder background about operational duration of up to 14.03%.
Although P2P platforms like tufted, but most of the investors indicated that they had not stepped on mines.
survey showed that the year 2014 platforms up to 275, 2013 is 3.6 times. In January-July, the monthly average of 9.3 issues platform, into August, issue platform, a significant increase in the number, up to 92 December issue platform, beyond 2013 as a whole number of issue platforms.
but in 2014 in net credit investment 74.82% investors are not stepping on mines, 18.24% investors have 1~2 problem platform; 4.73% investor 3~4 problem encountered platform; 2014 stepped mine up to 5 and above accounted for more than 2.22%.
at the same time, 26.14% investors continue to see Net loan, additional investment; 48.49% of investors to maintain the status quo, will not be affected; and reduce the amount to invest 24.04%; 1.33% NET loan investors dispirited decided to exit the network only loan, loan investors network as a whole is still confident.