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The five kinds of materials help to raise the loan amount

Ms Zhao needed 200,000 yuan to get loans from local banks, today informed that the reply only 150,000 yuan. Said to want to improve your credit, you also need to provide a number of other materials. So, what material to help improve credit?
when we apply for a loan, provided such request for basic material, if you can provide the following five kinds of materials, to improve the loan amount has the very big help:
1. owned real estate of real estate registration, acquisition of real estate contracts and invoices, etc; car vehicle registration card, vehicle permit.
2. valuable assets, such as equity funds account asset details, cash value of insurance contracts, contract financial products.
3. Bachelor degree professional qualification or award certificates.
4. the maximum amount of credit card last 3 months ' worth of bills. For example, borrowers have two credit cards, one line is $ 10,000, an amount is 50,000 yuan. Can provide line of higher credit-card bills, raising the loan limit can also help.
5. other proof of a borrower's financial qualifications and related materials.
these five kinds of materials help to raise the loan amount. Borrower in the loan, the more the material provided is much better.