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Five bank credit growth in 2014, and large loans accounted for eight out

according to the Business Journal reported, in 2014, the first Bank of Nigeria (FB), trust Guaranty Bank (GTB), Access, and Zenith and United Bank for Africa (UBA), such as the five bank loan amounting to 1.5 trillion naira (about 7.85 billion US dollars), an increase of 28%, in which TNCs and large enterprises loans accounted for about 80%.
from the loan size and proportion, in 2014, the GTB to over more than 400 annual revenue of more than 5 billion naira TNCs and large enterprises to lend 896.38 billion naira, to 150,000 households in SME lending 16.66 billion naira; Access to the more than more than 500 big enterprises with annual revenues of more than 2 billion naira loan to 568 billion naira, to 300,000 SMEs 32 billion naira. Zenith loans to large enterprises and SMEs respectively 81% and 8.2%;FB 70% and 22%, respectively. UBA has not yet disclosed classified loans data, but pointed out that its big corporate credit fast business growth, mainly due to fast moving consumer goods, energy and general commercial sector lending has increased.
large business loans, oil and gas companies accounted for the main part of foreign currency credit. Bank for reconstruction to a March analysis showed, Zenith, GTB, Access and other three banks of foreign currency credit ratio and year respectively: 43% and 38%,56% and 27%, 49% and 41%.

industry analysts believe that the current lack of reliable credit rating agencies in the credit markets, the difficulty of the situation increased the banks ' risk management. Meanwhile, the Central Bank tightened monetary policy exert inhibitory effects on credit, in this case, the big banks to maintain credit growth of 8%-10%, not willing to risk lending to small and micro businesses with low risk management ability and tend to provide loans to big companies.
international rating agency p (S&P) in March this year, also predicted that in 2016, Bank asset quality, profitability, potential liquidity pressures will face a variety of challenges.