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Small business loans banks have difficulty

Financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises as a chronic illness for many years, Governments and financial institutions to pay more attention in recent years, in its report on the China Banking Association, small business loans for three years became a focus of development of financial business of commercial banks, accounted for 71.9%. In two meetings this year, members of the representatives of small and micro enterprises are still hot focus.
NPC Deputy Lu Zhimin said at the Jilin delegation meeting, "small business loan now is difficult, I think big business like we are the credit, the banks are willing to lend us the money, and when we really need the money when they are not here, I never felt the Bank timely, is the Cauldron." Since then, the national people's Congress, Secretary for the China Banking Regulatory Commission supervision Bureau of Jilin province goofy says, "also is the subject of commercial bank in the market, have to be wary."
in fact, in order to support small and micro enterprise development and solve the problem of financing, financing your parties are making efforts. The banking industry, innovation in small and micro loans business, there have been many advances.
speak for small and micro enterprises
2014 year of publication of the research report on China small and medium enterprises prosperity index shows that as at the end of 2013, more than 42 million registered SMEs in China, accounting for 90% per cent of the total number of enterprises that create 60% China's economy, accounting for half of China's economy. China Association of small and medium enterprises in January this year, also said that at present, China's economic development is at a rate shift, mode of development and industrial structure adjustment in transition, there are some contradictions and problems faced by economic transformation and upgrading.
the central in the survey found that only 10% of small and micro enterprises to obtain loans from banks, loan interest rates generally rise about 30% 90% of small and micro enterprises to microfinance companies and borrowing access to financing, comprehensive financing cost around 25%, emergency bridge loan interest rates higher.
statistics show that as of the end of 2014, China's foreign currency balance is 86.8 trillion yuan of loans in all financial institutions, 2014 63.64 trillion yuan of the total national GDP is 1.36 times. However, even such a large amount of money, for SMEs, are still "visible scratching." Therefore, the two meetings this year, on how to solve the financing problems of small and micro businesses, remains one of the representatives to focus on the topic.
for example, NPC, Hangzhou wahaha Group Chairman Zong qinghou said in recent years, developments in the real economy hard, the Government should take strong measures to encourage and support enterprise development, reduce the cost of financing. Zong suggested that bank credit lines in the 20% above should be determined specifically for SMEs, low interest loans, and 20% of the staff dedicated to providing financial services for SMEs, helped its economic development entities.
the national people's Congress, bright food (Group) limited Ge Junjie, Deputy Chief also suggested that the sugar industry's financial support is not enough. Sugar industry is capital intensive, cyclical industries, in cycle downturn, the domestic price of sugar by up to 7800 Yuan/ton, fell to 3920/ton, or 50% about business pressure, part of the enterprise capital chain rupture, ran into trouble. Financial institutions to include the sugar industry in high risk industries, cut the sugar sector credit rating, raising the threshold, exacerbating the capital shortage in enterprises, seriously affected the normal production and to honour farmers sugar. In addition, in his view, too few financing channels for small and micro businesses.
banking response
real numbers
2014 annual regulation issued by the CBRC statistics showed that by the end of December 2014, outstanding NPLs at 842.6 billion yuan, representing a increase of 250.6 billion yuan at the beginning. From the type of business, small and micro enterprises are still prone to risk groups.
for banks, small and micro enterprise loan has been a hard nut to crack. China Everbright Bank, a branch of people for the securities Journal said that large amount of Bank funds, not a small loan company can match. 5 billion yuan in loans, for example bank lines, is to 10 big enterprises with good asset quality, or the 1000 small business with inadequate collateral, which banks invested human and bear the risks are clearly different.
facing doubts about Bank small business loans are often drastic, goofy, "said banks were also in the market, have to be wary, to protect consumers, protecting the interests of depositors, we released 100 Yuan in loans, has 55 to 60 Yuan were personal savings, loans, we want security used, risks are not allowed. If there is a risk, people withdrawal, the Bank can't get it out, it appeared, regional financial liquidity risk, so the banks are really not the Cauldron. "
for blood transfusion for small and micro enterprises, all the deputies members of the banking community developments.
, Chairman of CPPCC National Committee members, Bank of Beijing yan Bing Zhu believes that at present, the proportion of direct financing through the capital market for SMEs is low, the majority of SMEs still rely primarily on bank financing. But the small bank in the course of providing financial services, lending practical difficulties such as high cost and great risk, due to the lack of access to adequate compensation, small and medium banks in the small and medium enterprises in services, which is "the flesh is weak". Therefore, should support the monopoly of bank services to small and micro enterprises, in small and micro businesses should be encouraged counties to establish village banks, finance companies and other small financial institutions, guide and drive at your own risk, regulate the operation of private banks, finance leasing companies and other financial institutions.
, Member of the National Committee of the China Merchants Bank President Ma weihua said before, should enrich the credit products of science and technology system. Science and technology-oriented small and micro enterprises are the most active force in scientific and technological innovation, is also an important force in promoting economic transformation and upgrading. Explore setting up a dedicated technology technology branch or banking franchise in the financial services sector, abundant credit system of science and technology, innovation introduction of various financial business development model for technology-oriented small and micro enterprise development with a variety of financial services, technology and financial service quality has been significantly improved.