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Housing accumulation Fund loan money-saving tricks to decrypt

Housing Provident Fund money-saving tricks to decrypt
Tips: credit
to enjoy in full the interest rate advantage the public Wang and his wife, for example: they are stable, normal housing Provident Fund deposit, has never applied for any loans, plans to buy a House of 120 square meters worth 1.8 million Yuan to improve living conditions. First payment is expected 700,000 yuan, apply for a home loan of 1.1 million Yuan, the housing loans of about 5000 Yuan a month later. According to Mr and Mrs WONG's idea, following suggestions from the industry:
housing fund loans as a policy loan, its most obvious feature is low interest rates. From more than the current 5-year loan, commercial loan interest rate is 7.83%, while the housing accumulation Fund loan annual interest rate 5.22%, a difference of 2.61%. A Housing Fund of 500,000 yuan of 15-year loans and commercial loans, business loan fund loan monthly payments about 718 Yuan, 15 years spending interest about 129207 Yuan. The interest differential will also further widened along with the extension of the loan period. Therefore, should be credit enough Provident Fund loans as much as possible.
tricks II: clever use of provident fund the return of mortgage
will consider the question of repayment loan amount after a certain, how to use a provident fund to repay the loan? How can you save on interest?
King Mr couple first thought has with Provident Fund account in the of balance to returned loan, but repayment way has "monthly repayment method" and "one-time repayment method" this two species, what should select which species repayment way, need first for a compared: If select "one-time repayment method", annual with its housing Provident Fund account in of balance part ahead of returned its housing loan a times, assumed housing Provident Fund months paid amount annual increased 13%, is as long as contract loan term half of time settled its all housing loan, Interest expenditures will be cut by about half.
If select "monthly repayment method", King Mr couple Provident Fund account in has has Provident Fund balance plus monthly deposit of housing Provident Fund, assumed housing Provident Fund months paid amount annual increased 13%, so loan early has a time within is not need himself money repayment of, yihou is long a time in monthly also just pay few cash for repayment, month deposit amount will is greater than its months also amount Hou, on without himself again money has. In this way although the interest expenditure is not reduced, but the borrower repayment pressures for each month in the first few years.
comparison and analysis, Mr Wang believes that early loan funds is quite high, and their incomes are still rising, so select "monthly payment method" is better, thus reducing the early repayment pressures, if funds loose, change repayment options for "one-time payment method" to reduce interest payments.
in short, make good use of their own funds, and make it into real wealth, there are many tricks, clever if you know how to use properly, can help you save a lot of "Silver".