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Chongqing rural commercial bank 2014 small and micro loans exceeded 76 billion

Small and micro loans of over 76 billion yuan, an increase of 26.72%
as the country's first listed agricultural firms, the first overseas listed Bank, Chongqing rural commercial bank operation and development of broad concern to the market.
recently, the 2014 annual results announcement issued by the Chongqing rural commercial bank, the Bank's overall performance is good, by the end of 2014, assets of 600 billion yuan, the deposit balance exceeded 400 billion yuan, loans exceed 240 billion yuan, bad loan rate of 0.78%, the main business indicators ranked forefront of similar financial institutions.
services to small and micro businesses achieved remarkable
especially worthy of mention is, Chongqing rural commercial bank services to small and micro businesses with remarkable results. Chongqing rural commercial bank adhered to the "service for agriculture, service, small and medium enterprises, serving County" market position, the franchise through the establishment of special branch, the introduction of exclusive products, such as "professional + franchised" mode, do small precision micro-businesses, create differential competitive advantages.
by the end of 2014, the small micro-enterprise loans of 76.013 billion yuan, 16.026 billion yuan this year growth, an increase of 26.72%; incremental 931 million Yuan higher than the previous year, higher than the average growth of 10.89%, China Banking Regulatory Commission, "two of not less than" regulatory objectives.
franchise branch construction continued advance
for further implement implementation China silver prison will on deepening small micro-enterprise financial service of views and the Chongqing silver prison Council on established small micro-enterprise franchise branch of work deployment, the line in summary last year first small micro-enterprise franchise branch experience of based Shang, 2014 degrees selected banankaien, and hechuan West, and longevity peach Metro, and yuzhong Shaanxi road 4 Home sub-branches upgraded for second batch franchise branch. So far, the Bank has set up 7 small micro-franchise branch and all gained official approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
by the end of 2014, 7 small business franchise customer number 2024 branch small and micro loans, representing a increase of 527; loans 3.902 billion yuan, representing a increase of 1.55 billion yuan, a 65.9% increase; the deposit balance is 4.004 billion yuan, representing a increase of 520 million Yuan, an increase of 14.93%, small business franchise branch in a full line of model the initial benchmarking.
small micro-credit products system further perfect
for current small micro-credit products from traditional arrived pledge, and guarantees company guarantees way into weak guarantees and the credit mode, for enhanced business competitiveness, the line pay close attention to the products innovation, launched "small enterprise domestic invoice financing loan" and "small enterprise orders loan" two a industry chain financing products, "small enterprise tax easy loan" products, and "North District technology type Enterprise help reported loan" products and the Hui easy loan products,, further rich has the line of small micro-enterprise "business easy loan" Product system.
to improve the overall quality of Small Business Customer Manager, the Bank organized in batches small business credit investigation specific training and focus on 7 small business franchise branch managers and account managers, small and micro enterprise product and marketing skills training. 2014-organization of various financial services to micro-enterprises training 8 period, trainees up to 600 people, full coverage of Customer Manager training.