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Three new trends of private finance to increase proliferation risks

The past few years, with small loans, credit guarantee companies, mortgage license issuance and online lending platform, equity raise rapid rise and proliferation of all types of investment consulting agency, private finance is very active. Guangdong private finance
, President of the Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China, the State administration of foreign exchange, Guangdong Province Branch Bureau Secretary Wang Jingwu, Guangdong Province economy transformation and upgrade and deepen funds have realized that economic agents, supply and demand more vigorous promotion of private finance in the province, and increasingly professional organization, continues to expand the scale of financing, private finance to supplement the formal financial effects are becoming clear. But he also pointed out that "some risk exposure accordingly. "
Wang Jingwu believes that three new phenomenon in the private finance should be of great concern. First, nongovernmental financial institutions group trends are obvious, many financial services group's business covers small loans, financing, financial leasing, factoring, mortgage business and auctions, and many other fields, while shares of small formal financial institutions, including commercial banks, trust and investment companies, using the platform of the group with a full range of financial services. "The intersection of different types of financial businesses within the group, originally isolated funding by groups connected to platforms. "Wang Jingwu, nongovernmental financial institutions group operations makes financial risk exposure by the" parallel "into a" series ".
Second, the Internet accelerated integration with the private finance also increased to a certain extent private finance risks. Wang Jingwu said some private financial services organization and control of people is both a lender and network information intermediaries and credit guarantees for lending people, or even the final borrowers. "Convert between multiple roles, capital risk eventually passed on to investors. "Wang Jingwu said.
in addition, Wang Jingwu also pointed out that the current private finance and commercial banking relationships are more complex. "Some of the basic-level commercial banks serving officers relatives, separations, and specific people, by serving and investing in microfinance companies, acts as an intermediary in the loan. Individual small loan company into a commercial bank to benefit transportation pipeline. Partial control of a microfinance company also shares of small and medium commercial bank, spreads a nil return. "
Wang Jingwu, the superposition of three trends are making civil more concentrated financial risk, involving small investors more risk-spreading wider and faster, were more likely to pass into the formal financial system, resulting in the local financial risks could rapidly evolve into systemic financial risk.