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Three solutions for renovation funds problem loans

Some home buyers nearly spent all his savings to buy the House, but the House took in hand, but decoration made up for sorrow, then decorate with too little money to do it? I recommend three solutions to you loans for renovation funding challenges.
: unsecured loans
If you have a stable job and income, have the ability to repayment in full and on time, and have a good credit history, and in the case of funds are not required, you can consider applying for unsecured loans.
it is understood that banks, small loan companies have launched mortgage-free, but the former loan threshold higher than the latter, and in which charge is higher than the former, so I suggest that you apply for unsecured loans should make reasonable choice according to their own situation.
II: renovation loans
now many banks targeted renovation funds needs of customers decoration loan (for example, ping an Bank renovation loan), as long as the borrower have stable jobs and income up to a certain standard, no bad credit history, you can apply.
III: consumer loan
biggest advantage is the wide use of personal consumer loan, whether you are buying a car, decoration, or studying tourism, and as long as the usage in compliance with consumer loan solution.
individual consumption loans in addition to wide use outside, is a more flexible way of security are divided into: credit, collateral and collateral. When applying for a loan, the borrower can provide mortgage guarantees, the loan amount can be up to 70% of the assessed value of the mortgage, the maximum duration of up to 10 years, can effectively relieve large financing needs of the borrower.