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Loan company in Chongqing revealed real reasons for loans were rejected BA

 1. assets are not real: the applicant has does not match normal income of mansions and luxury cars, property and loan application times closer (the mansions of the now universal in the depreciation, there are no city to dispose of than ordinary commercial risks).

2. the high debt ratio: best debt ratio should not exceed 70% of the applicant, applications can easily be denied for higher debt ratio, the reason is simple, high potential risk.
3. Exaggerated capability: can accept applicants that 10% more than lending rates, the Bank would tend to believe that you have submitted loan applications containing false information, banks also because believe it or not you in this regard. So applicants do not talk truthfully report the situation to get more confidence.
4. Poor credit: banks focus on credit for nearly two years, if the current delay is the most deadly, so in order to loan, the applicant must maintain a good credit record.
5. Lack of information: the information is not only for two reasons, cannot or will not. No, private lending and associated subject operates without a real, without his knowledge, and so on. Would not, such as the lack of proof of purchase, credit card credentials, the trouble. However, loan information and feedback is directly proportional to the qualification, this is the most time-consuming part of the entire loan process, it determines the account manager to make the loan, so her financial advice to apply for loans of money to honey provides comprehensive credit information, or because data is not being rejected is a great pity.
6. Bank policies: the policy is first and foremost by the Head Office of the Bank, branch to branch and will be adjusted according to preference. Because people change, thus the policy has been changed. Loan, interpretation of policy is the first step.
7. Credit Manager: loan Manager will oversee the loan process, the customer knows best, loan Manager career level play a key role and character of the loan. So you should try to pick a strong sense of responsibility and work hard to credit manager, so as to avoid information being lost, duplicate, supplement information.
8. "Character" questions: how much luck character, but there also is money honey to control, for example to create a good working environment and family environment (that reflects how a person's ability to manage, not trivial), mannerisms and attitudes also reflect a person's connotation and accomplishment (not obfuscating, concise as possible).